Condo Kitchen Remodel

Clean white cabinets with quartz countertops and new stainless steel appliances

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"Over the years I hired somewhere between 25-35 contractors and subcontractors to rehab and maintain my rental units. My experience with contractors has ranged from above average to downright criminal. Most have been rather mediocre. This summer I went on vacation for two months and wanted to get my home completely remodeled. New kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel and several custom changes to my home. As you can imagine I was not filled with high expectations as I have never had a contractor complete a project on time, on budget, with quality workmanship. After much research I hired Jeff, the owner of A-Team Remodeling. He kept in contact with me daily with email, pictures and Skype. He came in under time, under budget, and the best craftsmanship that I have ever come across. I cannot recommend this company enough. Jeff turned out to be a true gem!"

W. Millar
Bankers Hill